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We have been providing our clients and the community of bell gardens, california with high quality one of a kind custom interiors for many years, there's nothing more empowering like having a unique interior that fits your persona and accents the high class taste your car boasts. We are very proud of our work and take our jobs very seriously, especially when it comes to our customers  requests and taste in materials, we can help zero in on the interior that fits your budget, whether its high or low cost materials, alternate fabrics or original materials it doesn't matter, regardless whe can help. Our "custom interior" options can vary greatly depending on what you have in mind, as a shop full off technicians with custom metal fabrication, upholstery, and cnc design professionals we can help put together a timeless classic interior in a one of a kind "old school" type car or even accentuate a luxurious sports car interior with custom insert modifications, add in some high class alcantara suede details or completely restore or design something new!


interior options and services!
* upholstery restoration and repair
*leather seat repair
*carpets, headliners, door panels
*leather seats reupholster
*custom interiors
*classic automotive interiro restoration
*luxury sports car interiors
*interior detail and cleaningetc.

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