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welcome! were a custom upholstery shop in the city of bell gardens, weve been around since 1992 and were one of the very few auto upholstery shops in loss angeles that still hand crafts, cuts and stitches entire upholstery seat covers and other automotive interior components like door panels and dash boards. many  so called "upholstery shops" now a days have gotten in the habit of buying upholstery kits from other vendors or huge distributors from china, and as you can imagine the quality and durability cant be compared to something hand made with skills forged by time and hard core experience handed down from generation to generation. We like to offer high quality custom upholstery and interior work the way we used to make the best interiors, home made in the U.S!  

  Our upholstery shop was opened in 1992, in the city of bell gardens, california and has helped neighboring cities in los angeles with a one of a kind custom upholstery experience bringing back classic automotive interiors to life, and placing a piece of ourselves in to every interior that has come through our garage doors. we view ourselves as servants of the community and have always gone above and beyond to make sure we meet the need of all our customers.  

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