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vinyl leather paint coating and blending

It really doesn't matter what type of damage your seats have sustained, whether they were ripped or worn out by the sun we can offer oem leather and material replacements and repairs of all kinds, and if you're on a budget or a dealer and have to rely on a good looking clean leather interior we also offer vinyl paint matching. what we do in this process is we lightly scuff the old, damaged wrinkly surface of the area you wish to blend back to the rest of the seat so that it creates a better adhesion with the special vinyl paint, we can match any desired color as well. 


We deal with these kinds of jobs all the time, it doesn't matter how bad the damage we can find a way to repair it or replace is, we offer many repair options like leather, vinyl or even original cloth material in order to meet your quality standard and have the capability to match any standard leather color, when you're ready to bring in you're vehicle for service well set everything up and have the tools and man power ready to go as soon as you make an appointment, on average we can take from just 3 hours to about 6 hours for a seat repair job.  


If you like to maintain a clean and tidy interior in your car because you like taking care of your things, then you know how it must feel to have a torn leather seat! whether you own a high end luxury car or just love your interior we can help with any rip or damaged sections and replace any given section of damaged material on your seats. 

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