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EACH single seat is $550 made from your choice or color high grade marine vinyl or fabric, material is included if you choose from our in house stock selection but does not include leather upgrade. If youre a local you can stop by and drop of the seats if possible, you may choose your material in person at our facility or choose from a wide selection of sample books; please keep in mind there may be an additional fee depending on the material cost difference, we also have to go and pick it up hence the surcharge. (that may be determined in person upon deposit drop off) 


please also ntoe once you drop off the seats we typically give our selves about 1 to 3 weeks untill they are completed, something that may affect our time of completion is how busy we are or how many pieces you bring, more items means more time, theres a wide range of variables that affect project completion time frame so please plan ahead of time. 


if you need to get an estimate for some custom seats or a full set of seats or beds please send pictures or message me at 3238916718.  gus


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