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Automotive and marine flooring, carpet, linoleum and alternative solutions

linoleum flooring, automotive wood flooring solutions, rubber mat flooring, wood floor in cars, custom van wood flooring.

now what are some options and benefits of different types of flooring ? there's several depending on your requirements and situation, im here to help you through this brief compilation of images and discuss as to what might be the best move for you.

cargo van plywood flooring

i came up with the idea to start this blog in order to better inform individuals with what options they might have depending on their personal requirements. you might want to install new carpet in your vehicle because the one you have at the moment just isn't cutting it, maybe it's old, worn out and beat up from years constant foot traffic. you could just possibly be in the search for a better alternative to clean your floor with ease and reduces accumulation of dust and dirt in order to better help with your allergies or asthma....or maybe to help with your O.C.D.

automotive rubber Matt flooring

rubber Mat flooring is a good alternative to carpet, it's easy to clean spills and dirt and due to the none pours surface it doesn't retain or lock in debris, pet hair or dust which contribute to chronic allergies or asthma like symptoms.

automotive rubber Matt flooring

in the image above we were installing some rubber Mat flooring in this jeep per the customer's request because they like going offroading on the weekends and he wanted a better and easier way to clean his floor, the grey material around the perimeter is insulation which is located under the rubber Mat flooring as well, this help moderate temperature inside the vehicle, the benefit of insulation are when it's cold outside it help to better retain heat inside the car but also helps keep high temperatures at bay.

insulation is usually applied to the bare metal floor of a vehicle before the final material is applied, and it ranges in price depending on how high grade you want to go, dynamat is regarded in the automotive world as high grade due to its rubber like composition which works very well with high temperatures and has been engineered with high quality thermal dynamics in mind.

here were installing new carpet in a mini van, the old one was completely worn out, dirty and had a bunch of holes, so we decided to lay down medium grade insulation and throw new carpet but keep the same color of the interior, we can match any interior color and have samples here at the shop so you can just show up and pick out any carpet you'd like, and there's several types of options depending on your budget from economical, medium grade and high end luxury carpets like the type you can see in german vehicles like bmw, Mercedes, and even exotic cars like Ferrari, maserati and lamborghini.

old school retro vans are starting to come back in style and we frequently get questions about our capabilities to lay down new carpet in these vehicles, a lot of the time they bring their vans in completely gutted and in order to gt a nice clean leveled floor we have to lay down some plywood in the cargo area which will be covered with insulation and carpet.. after our clients make up their minds about the color or grade type carpet they want to go with we make and order for materials and get right to work without wasting time.

old school retro conversion van custom interiors

this customer wanted a well done job of installing and covering as many areas as possible with insulation. (in pink)

van interior restoration

and here we've completed the carpet installation

custom van conversion interior

all though we have "auto upholstery" in our company name we don't just focus on cars, we also offer marine upholstery services. we ca work on boat interiors and install quality marine carpet and make custom modifications upon request, the only issue is we do all work in the shop and don't offer mobile services yet, you would have to bring your boat or vessel into our shop at a set date after we give you an estimate, you may send me pictures and descriptions or your vessel at, we understand that sometimes marine upholstery services may be higher than in the automotive industry which is where the benefit of bringing your boat into our shop may have an upside, there's a good chance if you bring in your boat or ask for an estimate our prices are going to be beneficial on your side, but you have to call now, 5629282482, ask for my pos gustavo and he'll help you out.

marine boat carpet upholstery services

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