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if your in need of a bench bed seating system that can help maximize your van interior space were here to help you achieve just that, we specialize in interior seating application that meet those purposes and with this highly versatile seating system you can quickly and easily go from sleeping, to sitting and then hauling your mountain bikes, camping equipment or do aerobics in the back since you'll have so much space to do just that!

here we see how easily either one of these seats can go from bench to sleeper, your buddy can take a nap on the go if you don't want to sit lol, we highly recommend you just sit and strap on your seat belt when in motion tho.

here's an outside view of the seat in the bed position, there's legs underneath the back rest for extra support but the swing arms have stops which are welded at the perfect spot so that they help support each other and in a way create a counter weight type of assistance in order to help support any load.

they both meet at the exact center of the van to create a single huge bed that takes up the entire cargo area, this exceed more than 6 feet across so if you're a tall person this is perfect! and there's still space for a dog if you bring him with you who knows!

the seats can be stowed away towards the side panels if you're going to have large boxed, cargo, bikes or any type of equipment that you might need to bring with you regardless of what you're doing or the can even have a party back there! do some back flips if you want, practice some jiu jitsu as well lmao

this is a video walk through of a custom promaster build we completed where i speak about the seat and show you how they operate

heres a video o my uncle showing how they swing in and out and convert into the 3 different types of possitions.

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