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were a small fab shop in bell gardens with huge capabilities working with a strong team of skilled individuals with prior aerospace welding and fabrication background experience. we are highly motivated to take on any challenge that comes our way, we offer custom fabrication services and work closely with powder coat painters in order to deliver a one stop fab shop experience for our customers and facilitating their process. we can bend round and square tubular structures per required dimensions, weld just about anything and offer manual plasma cutting and cnc plasma cutting services as well if they are required for those hard to cut jobs. 

  We currently have a welder with certifications and can help build any type of steel frame structure, car parts, custom fabricate special pieces and we now offer custom cnc plasma cutting services, any type of part can be cut on our cnc plasma table with a severance plasma cut rated up to 1.875". 

  we serve anyone with the need for a highly skilled welder and fabricator, if you have any blueprints of any production type work feel free to email them to, were located in bell gardens, california and serve all of los angeles as well. 

check out our instagram feed and all of our latest work!

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